Some Girls x James Veloria x Grailed
Some Girls3 years ago

When we heard the theme “uncertainty” our minds automatically drifted to this one image that has been in our photo archive for a bit. The image is by the Norwegian photographer, Ola Rindal. It captures the backside of a man waiting for the bus in a bus shelter.  From there, we developed our concept of shooting a series of images where the subject is blocked by a barrier but still visible. We wanted our subject to remain a mystery to viewer.  Some Girls started as a personal blog but, over the past 2 years, has blossomed into the collective creative space it is today, run by a team of ladies; Mary, Liz and Ashley. The three of us met while working at the same clothing store. We have different aesthetics and constantly introduce new ideas, music and culture to each other so it only made sense that we combined our experiences and start to explore our creativity under “Some Girls”. We felt there was a need for a space with original content that features the artistic cuties behind their work (ie: vintage store owners, illustrators, jewelry makers). These are working creatives like us who we feel an urge to collaborate with. We want to build real connections, not only content. Everyone that runs a website understands the need for more content but we love making the connections & creating an experience. As Some Girls, we strive to create elevated editorial content that aligns with our aesthetic. Our appeal for film photography, and the untainted sense of natural imagery it provides, is the driving force behind our work. We shoot, style, art direct and produce everything in house. We are a visual content site above all.

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