Sabrina Santiago on her infatuation with rooftop portraiture
New York released everything Sabrina Santiago had pent up inside of her. Sydney – where she worked and wrote for Vogue Australia, RUSSH Magazine – was fine, but New York was all she wanted to talk about when I got her on the phone toward the end of March. 
by Rennie Svirnovskiy / Photography 5 months ago
Daniel Arnold is a prolific artist with a cult instagram following and work published in varsity publications like Vogue, The New York Times, and the New Yorker. Daniel Arnold’s first New York show, 1:21, opened at the Larrie gallery.
by Erin Clifford / Photography 4 days ago
I think my work is very color-forward. I think color is the first thing, it’s bright. Because of that, it’s playful. I’m also really interested in texture, so it’s textured. I have abstract influences, so it’s also very flat.
by Taylor Seamans / Art 8 days ago
Maria Bernad is a frequent attendee to fashion weeks and is recognized for her affinity for vintage fashion. Her skillset reveals itself more heavily in her creative direction for brands such as Dior, Malababa, and her own company, Les Fluers.
by Taylor Seamans / Fashion 5 months ago
Jennifer Xiao's playful comics and illustrations reveal her effective abilities to tell stories in short panels. Her style is recognizable across the various mediums that she shares her work. We spoke with Jennifer about her process and inspirations.
by Taylor Seamans / Art 5 months ago
VICTOR! is a young musician from Illinois making bedroom pop tracks. His songs have been featured on Spotify's playlist "Pollen", "Lorem", and others that feature up and coming artists.
by Taylor Seamans / Music 5 months ago
An interview with musician, Mark Arkinson, on his sound, song titles, resampling a cappella, and inspirations
by Taylor Seamans / Music 8 days ago

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