Cóco Fernández takes us into her world of form and color
Cóco Fernández is a Spanish artist whose work touches into the worlds of painting, drawing, ceramics, artistic direction, and more. Despite working across various mediums, her work speaks a common language, as though made to live in the world together.
by Taylor Seamans / Art 3 months ago
Moving to New York was like some predetermined departure from the California dream. However many flights I took from New York, to New York, I felt that many pieces had been scattered upon my leaving
by Maxine Flasher-Duzgunes a day ago
Jasmine has been improvising to jazz and classical since before she could talk or read, making dances ever since.
by Maxine Flasher-Duzgunes 6 days ago
Omar Apollo is a self-taught artist paving the way for Latino musicians. His early songs grouped him in the bedroom pop alternative scene, but his recent music blends pop, reggaeton, and more. We may even be in for some corridos (per his Twitter).
by Erin Clifford 5 months ago
I soak up the hunger, rage and grime that exists in harmonious dysfunction with the passion and exhilaration of being young in an unpredictable place.
by Kelly Hebestreit 3 months ago
An undercurrent in this shoot’s meaning is finding power inherent in one’s own being - not necessarily rejecting society’s imposed version of femininity, but not internalizing it in one’s personal experience of themselves or their growth.
by Tess Elizabeth 3 months ago
Nobody knows I sometimes fantasize about what my partner’s childhood and teen years were like around the area. I feel a great tenderness when I explore this town and the nearby places like Taunton, Brean Down and Burnham on Sea because of that fantasy.
by SEIGAR 3 months ago
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