Sabrina Santiago on her infatuation with rooftop portraiture
New York released everything Sabrina Santiago had pent up inside of her. Sydney – where she worked and wrote for Vogue Australia, RUSSH Magazine – was fine, but New York was all she wanted to talk about when I got her on the phone toward the end of March. 
by Rennie Svirnovskiy / Photography 6 months ago
Cameron Smith released his latest EP, Good Enough, as a three-song project that thoughtfully explores identity through the lens of how this self-view molds to or changes based on societal structures and external influences.
by Taylor Seamans / Music an hour ago
Phoebe is an Australian photographer who works primarily with film but whose art ranges into many mediums. Her photos take on a beautiful space between portraiture and documentation.
by Taylor Seamans / Photography 24 days ago
"I am British but made to feel other because of my race. I am Congolese but left feeling other because of where I was born. I make work that reflects my identity, as a mirror, documenting my existence like a diary."
by Taylor Seamans / Art 23 days ago
Laurie Franck is a hand poke tattoo artist whose delicate style draws on the grace of the human form.
by Taylor Seamans / Art 23 days ago
Abramson’s personal style is everyday surrealism that leaves its viewers at the intersection of poetry and intense physicality.
by Rennie Svirnovskiy / Photography 23 days ago
My French teachers used to have us practice the passé composé and the imparfait by having us begin every sentence with “Quand j’était petite…” or “When I was little…” What was I doing, what did I do, and so on.
by Maxine Flasher-Duzgunes / Stories 23 days ago
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