Ritual Spirit
Kelly Hebestreit3 years ago

These images are spread out over 4 cities, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. In every one of these cities I feel an undying energy that seems to be woven into the daily customs and routines of the people living in it. Almost out of habit, I can’t help but harness a deep connection to the ritual spirit of each location. I soak up the hunger, rage and grime that exists in harmonious dysfunction with the passion and exhilaration of being young in an unpredictable place. As I move through the world, I let my impatience guide me and my work. This series is an extension of that restless appetite for more color, more thrills and more originality.

Find more of Kelly's work on Instagram: @herbystripes or on her website herbystripes.cargo.site.

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