Tales of a City VII
SEIGAR5 months ago

Every summer I visit Weston-super-Mare that is the town of my love. Weston is a very photogenic coast town near Bristol and Cardiff in Somerset, England. I always enjoy my days there and its scenery inspires me. Nobody knows I sometimes fantasize about what my partner’s childhood and teen years were like around the area. I feel a great tenderness when I explore this town and the nearby places like Taunton, Brean Down and Burnham on Sea because of that fantasy. I usually do these walks on my own because my love is working, so my imagination just flies. My summers used to be quite different, I’m from La Palma, one of the seven Canary Islands, in Spain. There, I would spend the whole hot summer in a black sand beach near home, so exploring Weston becomes an exotic experience because the urban and rural landscapes are unusual for me. I never get bored in Weston.

These photos show again my fetishes in photography: reflections, shop windows, curious finds and saturated colours. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say that I feel mesmerized when I go sightseeing there, and I guess that is what the photos show. I have been visiting the UK for an ongoing photo-narrative project entitled “Tales of a City” since 2005. This set also belongs to this long term research about the British identity, these personal photos belong to the seventh tales. This series was selected and finished during my lockdown in Tenerife due to the corona virus, while the world is doing the picture of what is happening, my heart and my mind told me that I should work on my old stuff and find some beauty instead. I’ve found my refuge in these good memories. 

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