In The Winter // She Eats Flowers
Tess Elizabeth3 years ago

In The Winter // She Eats Flowers is a collaboration between photographer Tess Elizabeth, stylist Aya Zacharias, and model Elliot Evans. Nostalgia, angst and an affinity for the surreal collided to create this series. An undercurrent in this shoot’s meaning is finding power inherent in one’s own being - not necessarily rejecting society’s imposed version of femininity, but not internalizing it in one’s personal experience of themselves or their growth. Pink fluffy sleeves, a pink bow on top of her head, and dainty flowers, all concepts commonly chosen to represent femininity and smallness - but they are not her. In directing Elliot, we focused on balancing a doll-like disjointedness with bouts of curiosity and anger, like she was breaking out of an enclosed space. 

Photographer: Tess Elizabeth // @tesselizabethw

Stylist: Aya Zacharias // @ayazacharias

Model: Elliot Evans // @elliot.aev

Location: Roland Fitz //

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